Monday, May 24, 2010

the Bakery goes culinary:

For being called the Bakery and all, my blog is certainly lacking in the culinary department.

Ergo, I thought I might take you all for a stroll through our kitchen, and share with you some of our favorite foods.

We eat pretty healthfully here at the Bakery. Save the nights where Nathaniel has had a bad day at work, and then we normally have one of the following:

1) frozen pizza & beer
2) bratwursts & tater tots ("brats and tots")
3) Chipotle

sidenote: marriage is great, because I don't have to have a bad day to reap the benefits of it, oops!

These three exceptions aside, we eat fairly well. There are a few foods that, say you came to visit the Bakery, you would be sure to find in our fridge/pantry:

hummus, which we almost always pair with pita
cranberry juice (light--less sugar)

chobani yogurt (lots of protein and probiotics)

(These are cookies from Trader Joe's. The face is for the fact that Nathaniel must always have access to them, however, doesn't let me buy pop-tarts because they're "bad for you." Fair? I think not)

(I keep cous cous around because it's so easy to cook, and because you can make it go with anything--tonight we are having cous cous with leeks and olive oil, but I have also made it with parmesean and oregano!)

avocados (lots of good fats)

We also drink lots and lots of water (too boring to picture). I can honestly say that, since we've been married, we've never had soda in our house. Neither of us drink it; don't know why. We do, however, drink lots of beer and wine, which preeeeetty much makes up for the unused calories. Womp.

Welp, that's pretty much sums up the culinary necessities here at the Bakery. 

What does every one else keep on hand in their respective kitchens????


  1. girl, where's your crunchy peanut butter at..

  2. Oh, it's hurr. It's hurr. In the pantry. I went on and on about how we ate healthfully, so I felt like I couldn't post that we always have it around. You caught me!

  3. I love your writing, but this time I'm enjoyin' the pix!!

  4. If you have access to any sort of farmer's market, organic black bean hummus is SO good. Definitely not for you when you eat like two pounds of it a day (oops) buttt nonetheless, you might like it too. With pita, of course. :)

  5. i hope i eat that healthy when i get married. But lets face it--have you seen daniel!? all the above foods are snacks for him,lol. and also-i eat humus on everything.

  6. oh my gosh, i love you. this post is the BEST.

  7. FUnnnnnnnnnnnn! love the glamour shots, hehe
    Her are two "new" foods I happily found on my "change my life" trip to Ohio and West Virginia- (stunning, absolutely STUNNING state).....Quinoa and Baba Ganoush. ahem. have i surprised you? well,
    they are GREAT - So so yummy and yes, just plain fun to say their names :-)

  8. Organic peanut butter (i could live off of that stuff), at least 3 types of cheese (pepper jack, provolone, swiss), pita chips, nutella, and sugar snap peas! Oh, and lets not forget all the fruits and veggies that are in season at the time:)