Thursday, May 27, 2010

confessions of the day

There are a few things about me that my mom always said:

1) My nostrils look like amoebas
2) I have skinny ankles
3) I can't tell a lie

I don't know why. I almost wish I could. I feel like it would make me more of an elusive person--more mysterious, more sexy. Oh, well. And since I can't tell a lie, there are some things that I need to admit today. To get them off my chest, so to speak.

-I turned the Air Conditioning on yesterday and today while N. was at work, and I turned it off right before he got home. But not because I can't handle the heat--it's because I have allergies! And the pollen is really bad right now! Promise!

-I am two and a half weeks behind in my Beth Moore "Esther" Study and the next meeting is tonight...................

-I am supposed to be reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with a friend of mine in the neighborhood and I. Can't. Stand. It. I literally can't read more than one page at a time. I'm reading a different book (that's my confession) instead, and it's called Tender to the Bone, and it's good.

-Yesterday at my Cycle CORE class, I stared at my instructor the whole time, because her hair was so perfect. It looked like she was wearing a bump it:


But she wasn't! Her hair was just THAT perfect! And here she was, trying her darnedest to improve my mess of a cardiovascular system, and all I could think was,

Does she tease it?
I need a finer comb for my hair. 
Maybe it's the way her head it shaped.

And there you have it, confessions of an out-of-shape, allergy-prone housewife.



  1. Also. I'd like to know how her makeup remained perfectly and smooth and flawless through the entire class. We need to corner her after class next time and take notes.

  2. Wow. Even for me, that comment was grammatically out of control. I'm so sorry if you've found yourself curled into a ball on the floor after reading through that.

  3. tender to the bone! love it- love it.

  4. I bet she uses avocado butter. I hear that it's the best natural bump for hair. Mash in, let set for 20, wash out and Ta Da! Watch for some tell tale signs, like a greenish tint on her neckline. Dead giveaway. If that's her secret, I'll send you a box of Florida avos and you can get your dome a bumpin.