Monday, April 5, 2010

welcome home.

welp, my hands are calloused from rolling paint and my email has most likely become a household name in any Craigslisting home, but I think I've finally helped this bachelor pad resemble a home. Nathaniel, baby, if you're reading this, you know I love you, but a nintendo wii and an inflatable mattress does not a family room make.

no, really--we had a lot of fun putting everything together with only a few hiccups:

b: that couch looks like a frat house reject
n: that couch looks cozy
b: it's huge
n: sit down. sit on it.
:: b. sits, Crate and Barrel attendant with tightly-gelled curls eagerly pushes the sale::
n: so?


b: nathaniel! look this wingback chair is only $20 on craigslist!
n: it has a stain--we're not getting it
b: it could be a project!*
n: no, we've got, like, 10 projects piling up in our basement. not everything can be a project
b: i'm getting it
n: no you're not
b: i'm getting it


*the asterisk indicates a popular phrase/mindset that I frequently use to try and convince N. that we need something for the house/ my wardrobe/as a pet. 

there were other minor disagreements measled throughout our time of decorating: where the bonzai tree should go, whether or not it's tacky to leave a toilet bowl cleaner in a bathroom, how many decorative pillows are too many decorative pillows (I say, no such thing!)...etc.

but, alas! here is our home, in just a few pictures, and only the downstairs. (we've yet to decorate/paint up there)--enjoy! and welcome home:


familial goodness

apologies for the random chairs--we were having a party that night

downstairs bathroom

purple dining room. yup.


  1. wow, great job decorating!! Everything looks amazing! You have a great eye for design :)

  2. Your house is GORGEOUS. The kitchen is to-die-for, and the purple dining room? NEED IT.

  3. what a beautiful home!!! we almost got that very same couch and it really is the most comfortable thing E.V.E.R. it just wouldn't fit into our old tiny Hoboken apartment so we couldn't get it! sadness. glad to see another one has found a happy home.

  4. Yeah... can you come decorate my house???
    It's been over two years, and I'm nowhere near where you are. LOL.

  5. purple is actually like one of the only colors i hate. yet, lately, it is super growing on me..and a deep purple in a dining room..good. im a fan on of the choice. its a rich warm feel. exactly what a dining room should say. beautiful brett.

  6. your house is adorable! sorry I didn't get to talk to you more tonight. I expect some future chats though. You are a soulful person and I like that. Glad my KE got to meet you.

  7. ahhh I LOVE your house brett- and that your funny comments are now all over it and will stick in my head...."frat house reject" haha- N once got his dad to buy a sofa that would FIT that name when I was away on a trip.....I shrieked when I returned (imagine men buying a sofa with the woman gone!) and they hauled it DOWN the squinchy loft stairs and back to the store whose name I will not tell you- now I can laugh, but not then

  8. Simply fabulous, Brett!! You have a wonderful eye...and certainly a gift for this...and purple dining room? Not to cousin's wife (doesn't that make her a cousin-in-law?) is an interior decorator, and she painted her dining room I think you are tres chic!!! Thanks for sharing these! You inspire me to finish my house projects!! Love, Janine XO

  9. Love it, of course. And Jamie and I have the same discussion about decorative pillows. I believe you CAN'T have too many!

  10. BRETT! Your house is gorgeous :)
    I'll be calling you when I have a house to decorate. Sound like a plan?

  11. Beautiful lady! I am not surprised at all:)