Monday, March 15, 2010

the way things should be:

I snagged this little ditty from seth's tumblr 

I felt convicted for passively accepting the fact that I drink pre-ground coffee everyday, sometimes with foo-foo in it.  

May the Lord stir your spirit as He did mine: 


  1. I had an espresso macchiato from einstein's the other day. worst decision of my life. just gross. let's go to italy and repent and refill (our coffee cups) for we have sinned against God and the little Starbuck's mermaid.

  2. I drink pre-ground coffee (often in a paper cup) 90% of the time. No shame.

  3. I say this - coffee is for YOU. You drink it for your enjoyment and benefit.

    So if you like it pre-ground and with frou frou (the band hanging out in it). Then do it! Do it joyfully! And remind yourself - I made this goshdarn cup of coffee for ME! Not for anyone else.