Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lessons in vanity

Last Sunday, I shuffled downstairs to my Grind-and-Brew, filled my cup and trudged back upstairs to my closet. I stood, sipping and admiring my collection of shoes. Which ones shall I wear to church today? I thought. These, I decided on my favorite, gray, Steve Madden boots. I set down my coffee to grab the duo, and just as soon as I reached, the entire mug of coffee spilled on every pair of shoes I own.

My mom has always told me that I need to learn how to respond instead of react.

Sorry, Mom.

Here is what I did instead:

1. Screamed "No!" as though my child had run into traffic.
2. Cradled (again, as though they were children) as many shoes as I could, ran into the bathroom, where Nathaniel was taking a shower,  yelled "watch out!" , proceeded to open the shower door, and dump coffee shoes into the tub with Nathaniel. Nathaniel stands, stunned.
3. Sat on bathroom floor, took a damp cloth to each shoe, apologizing to them by name: "Sorry, Sanuks. Sorry, Coach boots. Sorry, AE leather sandals, etc"
4. Air dried some of the ones who got it worst on the back deck.

As I sit cross legged on my bathroom floor, glaring at the cup which spilled its contents onto all of my footwear, I think, God is teaching me a lesson in vanity. I really shouldn't care so much about items that I wear on my FEET. 

And what better way to get my attention, than by using coffee against me? ...I mean my shoes?

The Lord truly does discipline those He loves.


some survivors.


  1. I actually gasped when I imagined the coffee spilling. And then cried at least one tear of empathy.

    It's going to be okay.

  2. How is Coach? Is Coach okay? TELL ME COACH IS OKAY!

  3. Maggie---thank you for the condolences. What a heart you have.

    BW----Coach. She's fine. Luckily said coffee was about the same color as Coach. ::sigh of relief::

  4. I've been trying to "buff" black bean splatter out of my tan suede Cole Haan mules for two seasons. I still feel the pangs. Your sanctification is endearing, edifying AND entertaining! Keep it up, Lord! :)

  5. Love the part of the story where you threw your shoes in the shower in panic as poor Nathaniel watched in confusion! The live version of the story didn't include that little tidbit! That's fantastic!

  6. this is adorable.

  7. I'm currently wearing a pair of Steve Madden gold t-strap sandals that have scotch tape to stop the front part from flapping about as I walk...I will definitely shed a small tear the day these babies gasp their last breath. I know it's not far off, but I'm avoiding it at all costs and secretly say a little prayer that God remains with these golden treasures during just this "one last" day. So...I guess what I'm trying to say is that I completely understand the devastation!! Completely!

  8. I don't know anything about shoes or shoe brands but this story is hilarious and whatever the brand, cleaning up spilled coffee (especially before you've had any) is no fun! Glad to see some survivors!

  9. Hey, didn't you "spill" something in a dress shoe of mine when you were about two? Hmmm, can't quite remember. :-)

  10. HAHAHA Hey, Dad. Sorry for peeing in your shoes.

  11. shoes are shoes. a lot of people don't own any. all those shoes are is different forms of a lot of money wrapped around your feet. don't sweat it.

  12. "I really shouldn't care so much about items that I wear on my feet." I wrote that towards the end of my post. Make sure you read through posts thoroughly, otherwise, it's easy to jump to conclusions about what authors are saying.

  13. Ok - I laughed out loud. Thank you!