Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm trying:

1) make pale work. I used getting married as an excuse to use what Jaime Campbell would call "the tanning booth." Now I don't have a wedding, nor do I have the stomach for the stench of sunless tanner. Thus I'm staying away from pastels, and loading up on the fuschia and bright nail polish.

2) be a chronic learner. I mean "chronic" in the sense that nothing could stop me from soaking up wisdom, knowledge, know-how and experience. My prayer is that learning would quite literally become instinctual to me--that I couldn't help it, and that I wouldn't want to. You see, I am surrounded by astounding, wise and fruitful women. I know that God has hand-picked women like them to pour into my life, while I soak, listen and, well, learn.

3) buy absolutely nothing at full or retail price, except for groceries, if necessary. With yardsales, e-bay,  amazon, thriftstores, neighbors like Jenn Boggs, etc, there's simply no excuse to pay $300 for a wingback chair at the Poverty Barn when you can snag yourself a fixer-upper on craigslist for $20.

4) get my hands dirty. I think that my most rampant sin is that of the unwillingness to inconvenience myself. I like my bed and my hair straightener and my coffee maker and my car and my hot water heater.   I live in a city that is 10.4 square miles and has a 21.5% poverty rate. That is to say, I wouldn't have far to go. And it's not just those who are impoverished. I could do a better job serving my church, my friends, my family, my husband and my community. Thus, "I'm trying" to seek out opportunities to love better, serve more and inconvenience myself often. (

5) be creative and frugal with the meals I make, to throw NOTHING away that is edible and within expiration dates. (My dad will eat cheese with mold growing on it--please, I am not advocating this). Nathaniel and I have been calling them "skillet surprise." There are variations of skillet surprise, for example, when Nathaniel texts me and asks "what's for dinner?" I usually give a key-ingredient clue, like "chicken surprise" or "mexican surprise." It is a fun game. My husband is amazing and tells me everything I make is good before he even tries it.  I've been trying to use everything that I buy--the residual frozen veggies, the extra rice from chinese takeout, you know what I mean, and turn them into a meal. The so-called "leftovers" that we could throw away have made many-a-meal for us! 


  1. love your #5! I read the other day that on average, we throw out $500.00 per year of food.

  2. Wow. If you can go without wasting food in the fridge, I might be needing a lesson from you. There is always something that gets wasted in mine.

  3. i found your blog from jen stokes' blog - hope it's okay to comment! i'm SO with you on this entire list...especially number one (well, and two-five). what a struggle to quit that after i got married...i completely understand. but we'll be more beautiful when we're 50 this way, right? thanks for your awesome posts. i've really enjoyed reading them! maybe we'll meet at portico one of these days.

  4. What a wonderful set of goals!!!!! Love pale!!! Lolly is right...the less sunbathing now...the better you look longterm!!! Love "poverty barn!" You are sooo witty...never heard that one...And I think it is so much more fun to DIY!!!! Kudos to you for your "I'm Trying" list!!! Love, love, love it!! ~Janine XO

  5. Love this. Love you. My heart does a little jump when I see I have a comment on my blog. It's like unwrapping a little present. And when it's from you, it's something I've always wanted :) I like this list a lot. Number 4 reminds me of a short story your wrote that you let me read once. The girl and the hot pink camels? Remember?

  6. Hey Brett! I am with you on the not wasting food thing. Here is a cool blog I've been following recently.
    really good stuff! Congrats on getting married, as well! ~Bekah (Rogers) Wilson