Wednesday, March 10, 2010

for better or worse

Nathaniel and I have this car. It's a red Blazer, but we call it "The GhettoRig". Here's why:

1. The driver side door has officially been rendered un-openable. Therefore, we have to climb through the passenger side door to drive. I couldn't make this up.
2. There is a a mysterious and somewhat comical chirping noise that happens in the back somewhere when we drive above 45mph. I want to climb back sometime and try to feed it snacks to see if it will show itself.
3. One night, when Nathaniel and I were in a .....tiff, I climbed out of the car and slammed the passenger door. Nathaniel called me later that night (this is when I was in college) and I thought "Of course, he called to apologize." Instead, he said just this: "When you slammed the door, you busted my speaker." Click.
4. Every day is a gamble on whether or not the rearview mirror will stay in tact over our neighborhood speed bump.
5. Sometimes, the cd player will eat your disc and ne'er return it! Which has started not to matter since I broke the speaker.....

There you have it. The story behind The Ghetto Rig.

Today, Nathaniel and I have been married for two happy months and one happy day.

For better or worse, love.



  1. brett-i think only the coolest couples have ghetto blazers...oh the stories i could tell you from Daniel's blazer..also makes the chirping sound, doors work only his breaks down in worst locations..OFTEN! AND..daniel still thinks it's a great car..riighhhht.

  2. i love your blog posts! they're so cute!! you and nathaniel are such a wonderful couple. you both are wonderful people and together you guys make such an amazing family! :) Just think of the stories you'll be able to share with your kids one day about The Ghetto Rig!