Friday, March 12, 2010

"each child is an artist; the problem is how to remain one when we grow up." -picasso

On Tuesday night, my husband and I "skipped" our community group and snuck off to one of our favorite local restaurants, Beer Run. We scouted out some free barstools and ordered up a  couple PBRs ($1.50 each, don't judge). For some reason, we communicate well in a loud bar setting. We are in a sound bubble, our knobby knees bumping up against on another, us both leaning in. It's like our own world for a while.  Home is nice, but so full of distractions: dishes, laundry, Netflix streaming LOST.....etc.
Anyway, as per usual with us, we ordered a serving of the best nachos in the city, and jumped right into conversational matters: grace, faith, giving people the "benefit of the doubt" and art. We stayed on "art" for a while, and our conversation went a little like this:

Brett: "You need to write more music."
Nathaniel: "You need to write more stories."

::we take a break,  talk about how the beef on our nachos is "organic"...what a scam::

Brett: "Whatever, I blog, like, every day. That's writing."
Nathaniel: "Doesn't count."
Brett: "You're changing the subject. Why don't you write music anymore?"

::Nathaniel shrugs and swigs some Pabst::

Nathaniel: "I guess, I think it'll suck.......Why don't you write anymore?"
Brett:"......same reason."

Fear of failure: bad.
Fear of our own art: worse.
Not creating art out of fear: detrimental.

You see, this so called stumbling block is nothing but egoism. We are saying "I won't create art unless I think I can make something great." Pride. You see: it's imperfect and patient individuals who make up the palette of an artistic and beautiful world. An individual must and shall  bring what he/she was intended to bring to the table of art. That said, ONLY Nathaniel can create the music he was intended to write. ONLY I can create the prose I was intended to write. ONLY you can craft with the talent that God has given you. We each bring something different because God likes it that way.

We will make bad art and we will make good art. We cultivate in soil that has seasons of draught and fruit. When we accept this, we can serve the Lord with both.


  1. I have no encouraging words of my own, but I always think of this video whenever the fear of sucking holds me back.

  2. I think that anything you write would be a great read. Your blog is even entertaining, and that's a rarity for young women (or anyone, really).

  3. This has encourage me greatly AND the video mentioned by wwcutie is very good - thanks!

  4. Anonymous (and everyone else)--thank you for the encouraging words! I can't begin to describe how much these comments mean to me.

  5. Best post I've read in a long time. Love it.

  6. So random. I just read a picasso quote the other day on the wall of the elementary school I was investigating for Grace for next year. It totally resonated.

    "I've worked my entire life trying to paint like a child."


  7. Finally- time to catch up on all the blogs I love and find yours! You have such a wonderful voice, complex and honest. And just today I wandered into and thought- "I have nothing to contribute". But I do, you do, Nathaniel does- anyone who is open to the Spirit's promting has something to add to the expression of God's heart. Let's go write! or at least think about writing...:)

  8. Brett, I'm standing in my kitchen reading your writing just amazed. Girl, you have a gift. Keep using it. And I will comment on this one thing: It is so beautiful when you/we/I find the one thing we were meant to do/be/create. And it comes in seasons...we don't just create's over and over as we are continually being "re-created" in His image. I love you and am so proud of you and happy for you: Keep writing, and tell N to do the same !