Monday, February 22, 2010

tailor made

It's called a tailor's bunion--a "bunionette" if you want it to sound less horrific. Nevertheless, it turns out mine is pretty.....severe. Here are my options:

a) surgery
b) stop wearing boots and heels

Bring on the scalpel.

The Lord giveth and taketh away.


  1. Bahaha. I went to your blog to comment on your last entry, and thank you for such a graceful reminder about judging... but this one made me too happy. I think I'd choose the heels, too. :)

  2. When will you have surgery?!?! Will you need a latte and donuts brought to you?

  3. few comments 1. after looking at your actual foot for more than a minute, i only see 4 toes. 2. you are the only, and i mean only person i know how would blog about this..and who knows what i am for reading it. 3. who is taylor and why is a bunion named after him/her..and what a way to be remembered..