Monday, February 8, 2010

hymners go to the big apple

first there were 16, then there were 11. two less than the baker's dozen, if you will, on account of my blog title. this weekend, i ventured up to the Poconos, PA and then to NYC with my college a cappella group--my first event as an official alum. five girls dropped out last minute because of the weather. the 11 of us decided that we wanted to go anyway. and so we did.

i love new york city. i always have, but i always forget until i see it again. i love it because you have no choice but to walk with a purpose. you get to wear your trendy clothes that you're a little too nervous to bust out back home. there is a starbucks on every corner and a hot dog vendor on every other. you hail taxis and speak sassily. it's all very much like a movie and i like that. it's fast and heightened and fun.

here are a few of my favorite moments from the weekend, in words:
- the initial reunion. i hadn't seen these girls since the wedding, and when you're used to being ALL up in each others business at least five days a week (most of the time, in a row) you start to miss the invasive, loud, and oh-so lovable sisterhood. i drove up. i squealed. they squealed. we all started speaking in spanish accents and baby voices. then we all hugged.
-sleepovers. every girl loves one. the first night we watched catch and release. by the end, we were all fast asleep--limbs criss-crossed over each other's bellies, ponytails draped over each other's pillows.
-singing worship songs. we practiced saturday night for leading worship on sunday morning. there's something about an empty church at night that is like taking a deep breath of new snow or folded laundry. there were 3-month old twin boys who came with their mom to practice. i held one, carter, almost the whole time. singing worship songs & holding a newborn--this is what heaven will be like for me.
-donuts. evie's mom had dunkin' donuts for us every morning. enough said.
-catherine, a newbie from last semester, danced an entire song's worth of freestyle in the middle of central park. crowds cheered.
-the new york public library. it's elephantine. and glorious. i applied for a library card, just so i could say i have one.

and, then, of course, there are pictures. here are a few of my favorite moments, on camera:

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